RezaBiz  is utility tool formed to help businesses, clients, consumers, and customers manage their time when they are attending a venue that requires waiting. Rezabiz serves as a notification platform for businesses that always or sometimes send notifications / reminders to their customers.

RezaBiz’s web and mobile application is an application that provides an advertising medium to the business enterprise, bringing the business closer to the customer.

RezaBiz mobile application will be free, but the web application will be subject to a minimal annual fee.RezaBiz mobile application is an all-in-one notification platform. Multiple companies can use RezaBiz mobile application as their platform to notify their customers as long as the business enterprise web application is built or designed by RezaBiz.

Our Philosophy

We can help you control that queue and keep your customers informed with your businesses discounts, news, last minute deals, and anything else you want them to stay up to date with! We work hard to help ensure your business keeps the competitive edge in your market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RezaBiz?

RezaBiz is a multi functional web and mobile based application with two type of end users (Front end Users ; CUSTOMERS ) and (Back end Users ; Businesses ) . 

Who can use RezaBiz web and mobile application?

RezaBiz can be used by two types end users . 

Front end Users ( Customers ) : Customers can use both mobile and web applications.

Back end Users  ( Businesses ) : Business can use web application from pc and mobile broswers. 

Is RezaBiz web and mobile application free?

RezaBiz application is competedly free for front end users (Customers). 

Back end users ( Business ) need to pay a monthly fee to get complete premium access to all services provided. 

How can I use Rezabiz web application?

Users can access their account via web to view reservation details , shopping details , wait list rank details , edit profile and view messages. 

Businesses can access their profile page and edit all back end settings . 

On what mobile platform can Rezabiz mobile application be used?

Rezabiz mobile application is available on both IOS App Store and Android Play Store . 

What services are available on Rezabiz for front end users (Customers) ?

- Wait List :

Customers can get on a wait list from any location and receive alerts until their turn in line.

- Fast-Oder:

V.I.P-Pass: Skip the line at your favorite restaurant or famous landmarks, clubs , amusement parks with long waiting list. 

Fast Pickup: Pre-order your lunch and pickup at your convinient time. 

Fast-Delivery: Order your meal on.

- Reservation:

Reserve a doctor, salon, hotel, Karaoke rooms, Mechanics, and buses.

- Notification:

Receive emergency alerts, get reminders from the start of booking an appointment all to the end.