Our Philosophy

We can help you control that queue and keep your customers informed with your businesses discounts, news, last minute deals, and anything else you want them to stay up to date with! We work hard to help ensure your business keeps the competitive edge in your market.




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    Fast Order

    Fast Order has variety of services like Fast-Pickup ,  Fast-Delivery , and V.I.P-Pass that can be used to pre-order a meal or have food delivered.   

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    Receive emergency alerts, get reminders from the start of booking an appointment all to the end.

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    Rezabiz can be used to reserve Restaurants, Hotels, Taxi, Doctors'/Salons' appointments and several more. We have the best Notification and Reminder System compared with serveral other Reservation Systems out there."I forgot my appointment" is a thing of the past.

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    User Management System

    Create client list for your business. Send your business information to your clients. Receive feed back from clients. Know more about your clients.   

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    Wait list

    Get on a wait list from any location and receive alerts as you go up in rank.